ONLINE ST Supervising Teacher Course for Texas Driver’s Education providers


This program was developed by a certified teacher with an ST and a Masters Degree in School Administration with over 20 years of experience in the classroom, administration and curriculum development. It has been used to train instructors across the state for over 5 years.

Supervising Teacher (ST) Training – $2000.00

Phase 1 - 45 hours of online instructor training consisting of overviews of the supervising instructor, program goals, the driver education code and rules, learning styles, factors that influence learning and habit formation, lesson plan development and student discipline. Also included is 18 hours of TA classroom begin learning to train your future employees!

Phase 2 - 45 hours of online instructor training consists of liability and responsibility instruction, instructor professionalism, public relations, risk management and evaluations. You will also participate in 10 hours of TA classroom observation (online, of course!) and then you will begin training your FIRST TA! Included in this purchase is 1 Teaching Assistant training (a $500 value!!!).


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3. Have your credit card ready.

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