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If you are a school owner who needs drivers or classroom teachers trained for your location or are a driving instructor in need of continuing education hours,
we are here to assist you. Our programs were developed by a certified teacher with an ST and a Masters Degree in School Administration with over 20 years
of experience in the classroom, administration and curriculum development. Email us today: Contact

TA, TA-FULL/DET TRAINING for Texas Driver’s Education providers

At CTDS we provide a thorough, comprehensive, online, TEA/TDLR Approved program of study for your prospective classroom & driving instructors. It is our intent that every prospect will exit the program with the knowledge required to teach safe driving in all situations & conditions. Our mission is to create knowledgeable, courteous instructors who will improve the driving skills of your students. We believe that driving is both a privilege and a responsibility. CTDS takes pride in its strict adherence to the state law & TDLR regulations.


At CTDS we provide approved, online, 4 hour continuing education courses for instructors to complete their license renewal.