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How Do I Get A Learners Permit?
Be at least 15 years old AND...
Enrolled in an approved Driver's Ed program AND...
Have completed the first 6 hours of the program AND...
Pass the Road Rules and Road signs tests
How Do I Get A Drivers License?
Complete 32 hours of class time at an approved Driver's Ed school AND...
Complete 14 hours of drive time with the school AND...
Complete 30 hrs behind the wheel with a parent/guardian AND...
Be at least 16 years old and held the permit for 6 months AND...
Watch the impact teen driver video provided by DPS
Pass the DPS road test
What if I'm over 18?
Young adults (age 18 - 24) must take a 6 hour course, pass the permit test,  
watch the Impact Young Drivers video and pass the DPS road test. 
Can I take the Road Test at your school?
Yes. We are a DPS approved Drive Test facility. More info
When do I add my teen to insurance?
Before the final drive test (if testing at DPS)
After the final drive test if testing at our location
Do you offer online drivers ed?
Yes. Teens can take our online program here; XLR8 Driving School
or download our app in the Android or I store and take it on their phone!

Teen Packages

Full Course $400
Sports Plus - classroom only; parents do the behind the wheel $300
Behind the Wheel only $350
Convenience Package - Online course with behind the wheel at CTDS $400

Adult Classes

Second Saturday of each month.
10am to 4pm - $100
Call to register 254.751.1000

educación de conductores adultos

Segundo sábado del mes. Llame para detalles 254-400-7029


7524 Bosque Blvd. Ste.F
Waco, Tx 76712


Phone: 254.751.1000